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Maintaining Proper Sterile Storage Conditions (ICT)
관리자  /  2018-05-14
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We post a column as to maintaining proper sterile storage conditions from Infection Control Today on Apr 19, 2018.

According to the column, Sterilrity maintenance is directly affected by packaging materials, sotrage methods and conditions, handling practices, and methods of distribution. So all sterile products which are sterilized in the facility or purchased from a manufacturer, have to be maintained.

Follwing insturctions are required in order to maintain sterilrity.
1. All personnel must conform to the written polices and procdedures.
2. Avoid the physical damage to the package, overloading in storage bins, carts and shelves.
3. Do not store sterile goods near sources of moisture (e.g., sinks, exposed water pipies) and an outside wall.
4. Any package that is visibly solied and stained should be reporcessed or discarded.
5. Compliace with shelf-life data and packaging manufacturer's insturctions
6. Procdedures for routine daily cleaning of the sterile storage area must be clearly defined.
   (e.g., developing procedures routine cleaning, training all staff, wearing appropriate attrie while in SPD)
7. Check the packages and storage conditions routinely

In order to maintain perfect sterilrity, we always dedicate to provide right instructions such as how to sterilize, where sterilizations must be installed and etc. 
We are pleased to share this column, please click the below link for more detail information.

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