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WFHSS- Occupational Safety for Medical Device Reprocessing
lowtem  /  2012-11-30
LInk1 : www.wfhss.com

LInk2 :
Today, I upload the educational document of "Occupational Safety for Medical Device Reprocessing".
WFHSS(www.wfhss.com) provides a lot of congresses and conferences to the users as well as the educational materials. This file is from WFHSS Training Programme, Level 1, Module IV.
To prevent accidents and “near accidents” it is important that all areas be scrutinized to see whether they present any dangers (actual risks) or hazards (potential risks) for employees. If dangers or hazards are noticed, measures must be defined to protect the employees. The provisions regulating occupational safety are enshrined in each country’s national legislation. ( from Page 3 of Occupational Safety for Medical Device Reprocessing)

While you are using LOWTEM Crystal Series, you need to read the operating manual thorougly. So we need to prevent any accidents from misuse. We, LowTem, also will try to do our best to develop the safest sterilizers ever.