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How to monitor the sterilization- CDC
lowtem  /  2015-06-12
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Today we post about Sterilization-Monitoring from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

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We believe everybody who uses, handles, and sells any type of sterilizers knows and follows how to use Indicators. 
Nevertheless, we need to review again and again. Here are very detailed information about Sterilization monitoring. 
From CDC, sterilization procedures should be monitored through a combination of mechanical, chemical, and biological techniques designed to evaluate the sterilizing conditions and the procedure's effectiveness. 

Mechanical Indicator- cycle time, temperature, pressure, 
Chemical Indicators - internal & external to check if a given parameter is reached.
Biological Indicator - the most accepted means of monitoring, checking whether the most resistant microorganisms are killed

And CDC recommends to perform Biological monitoring periodically (at least weekly). But for sterilizing an implantable device, the Biological Indicator test result should be before using the item.

To prevent infection, we need to know them very well and perform what we know.