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Top 10 Tech Health Hazards for 2018 (ECRI Institute)
관리자  /  2017-12-12
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We post the list of the "Top 10 Tech Health Hazards" for 2018 from ECRI Institute.

Link to the Article of Healthcare IT News posted on 07 Nov.2017 - Click
Link to the Report of ECRI Insititute - Click

The report is issued annually by ECRI Insititute, an independent nonprofit organization that researches ways fo improving patinet care and identifies the most significant potential sources of danger to patients involving medical devices and other health technologies for the coming year.

Three out of ten lists contain the importance of sterilization and other lists show infection issue, technical system issue and so on.
We would like to share several lists involoved in infection and sterilization in the report.
(Numbers mean rank of the lists in the report)

2. Endoscope reprocessing failures.
Endoscope that has not been thoroughly cleaned and sterilized between uses can lead to the spread of  fatal infections.
3. Contaminated mattresses and stretchers.
The blood of the patient is remained in the mattress or the stretcher and occurs on a secondary infection risk.
5. Improper cleaning of medical devices.
Unclean medical devices lead to equipment failure and the serious risk to patients and staff.

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If we observe the strict regulations and rules to prevent these hazards in advance, it could reduce infection and medical accident that may occur.
We will do our best to protect all patients and health workers from these risks.