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Beware of unhygienic beauty parlours, dentists’ chambers (The Times of India)
관리자  /  2017-09-22
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We post the latest medical news related to sterilization from The Times of India on Sep 16, 2017.

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The article title : Beware of unhygienic beauty parlours, dentists’ chambers
According to the article, people going to beauty parlours for manicures and pedicures and dentist to fix teeth or gum problem need to be careful.
Due to hygiene issues in beauty parlours and usage of non-sterilized equipments in dental clinic, around 20% of adult patients have contracted the infection.

The article shows that infection problems are still a major issue in the indian dental market.
Furthermore what's notable is that beauty parlours also need to use sterilized instruments for infection prevention.
In conculsion, we can realize that infection issues are no longer a probelm for hospitals but also for other markets related to hygiene.

Recently the importance of sterilization has been recognized in the dental marekt worldwide, and usage of sterilization equipments has been increased steadily.
In the LOWTEM series, Crystal 30 and Smart 30 which are the compact machines were launched for clinics including dental markets.
We will always be committed to creating the safest environment for patients and customers from infection.

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